EXTREME is an alternative lifestyle brand, born from action sports, music, fashion and graffiti, creating some awesome pics & epic stuff. Its all about the “No Tomorrow” and making damn sure you leave your mark.

Having started The Extreme Sports TV Channel and launching it in over 60 countries, we have taken the next step, with products from Drinks, Apparel, Electronics, Hotels, Destinations, Personal Care right through to Gaming. You name it, EXTREME will hook you up!

For us the most important thing is supporting the fans and the scene. With an insane roster of athletes, an epic event lineup and a following so hardcore Elvis would be jealous.

Offering a range of great tasting functional drinks that are positioned to cover the different need states of the Generation Y lifestyle from the crack of dawn to the dark of night.

We operate through longterm licensing partnerships with bottlers and distributors who have strong sales and marketing capabilities and who are looking for incremental growth and strong margins.

  • Sports channel founded in 1995
  • Television channel available in 60 countries
  • Translated into 12 different languages
  • Has 1.5 million viewers per month


  • Extreme Isotonic Sport and Caffeine 500ml bottle drinks listed in Tesco via Nichols plc (UK).
  • Extreme Hotels, Games, Clothing, Personal care products also available
  • Brand targets 18-30 year olds

For more information please see www.extremedrinks.com

Stunt background Extreme Sports


  • Extreme caffeine drink available in 10 ltr BIB format
  • 60 Ready to Drink Ltrs – *Yield 480 mixers & 720 Bombs!
  • Cost effective alternative to the leading canned brand
  • Convenient, Saves space & time, chilled every time
  • Environmentally Friendly & Saves on Waste Management
  • Think Profit Margins!

Ex Bomb

The drink is becoming a household name as a soft drink and when mixed with your favourite spirits becomes the Ex-Bomb!

Post mix and glasses


To help support the brand we offer a wide range of Point of Sale and merchandise including branded:

• Skateboards


• Snowboards

• Posters

• Table talkers / tent cards

• Shot glasses • Beer mats

• T-Shirts

• Decals

• Carrier bags

To find out more about the range contact: sales@djdrinks.co.uk

Extreme sports Images