“Dear Paul,

As you know, several months ago, I agreed to have Aqua3 installed in our offices. The purpose was predominately for staff’s general usage in the office and also for training courses and workshops which are regularly undertaken in our conference room.

The bottles incorporating the Bank’s logo have been well received both internally and more Importantly externally by our Members. The bottles are now used during staff and member meetings and also during presentations. One member was so impressed that we have put him in contact with you to discuss the possibility of him installing Aqua3 in his office.

Both staff and members are extremely pleased with the quality of the water and the fact that we now have “on tap”, both chilled, still and sparkling water is proving to be very popular.

Installing Aqua3 has to be regarded as being a real benefit to the office. It has allowed us to always have chilled water available, plus by using the bottles we have been able to reinforce our corporate branding.”

Kevin C Newson, Senior Partner,

Yorkshire Bank

“At Indian Summer we aim to provide a high level of ambience, food and service, with Aqua 3 designed in our own colours it compliments our surroundings perfectly. Aqua 3 has given our business many benefits:

• Elimination of cardboard boxes and transport to our premises (environmental benefits)

• Reusing glass bottles (again impacting on the environment)

• On blind taste test Aqua 3 was selected over other mineral waters (before Aqua 3 we used a leading mineral water from Norway)

• Cost savings are much higher than just switching to a cheaper mineral water

• Customer service and support is excellent”

Indian Summer

“Dear Paul & the Aqua 3 Team,

Just a quick note to thank you and the Aqua 3 team for your superb professionalism and fantastic service when installing Aqua 3, which is proving to be a quality product.

We have had lots of positive feedback from our customers regarding the taste and image of Aqua 3 and are absolutely delighted how well it fits in with the CragRats hospitality brand.

CragRats Hospitality are genuinely proud to stock Aqua 3 and look forward to working with you again In the future.

Kindest Regards,”

Jonny Bullas, Sales Manager

CragRats Catering

” We chose Aqua 3 because of the convenience.

No more thinking about stocks of water as it’s always on tap, so to speak.• Elimination of cardboard boxes and transport to our premises (environmental benefits)

• Stylish presentation with our own branded bottles.

• Looks elegant on table.

• Choice of chilled or room temperature, still or sparkling.

• Ideal for serving just a glass.

• Very cost effective after the initial expenditure.”

The Old Forge