Cold Dispense / Equipment

the range


High quality stainless steel valve support which is available in a 5, 6 or 8 valve version.
Through its various advertising options, for example with LCD screen, taxi sign, sandblasted logo or product labels at the back, you always get a perfect individual advertisement.

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Coca Cola and other soft drink dispense equipment

Coca Cola dropover Head

Coca Cola dropover head


A free flow dispense solution offering flexibility as well as a 8 or 10 button option configuration.

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Post Mix Gun


A low level chrome effect Bar Wedge to allow optimum serving space to a busy licensed outlet as well as utilising high brand awareness. It is available, counter mounted and clamped to all bar tops. No tooling investment required. Available as a dispense unit or P.O.S.

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Extreme Energy Wedge


A stylish and eye catching Dispense Tower to cater for all self service and takeaway foodservice outlets utilising high impact branding and imagery.

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Hallmark Tower Coca Cola


A new generation of post mix dispenser with advanced new technology and stunning good looks.

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Tabletop Juice Machine